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SIP Softphones

RCS Cloud services

Rich Communication Suite Cloud services

Rich Communication Suite Cloud is a complete ecosystem of network elements and client based applications that support the rapid rollout of next generation telecommunication services. The cloud is offered on a shared partition basis, meaning that users from different providers can communicate with each other.

The client applications are fully white label and are available either as a partnership or managed model. In both cases, the provider manages the paid services part, which includes voice and SMS termination, DIDs (virtual phone numbers), Packages (plans), International Mobile Top ups and other products offered through the application. The softphones can be fully customized to provide additional features, and can be offered as a software development kit (SDK), meaning that providers can develop their own apps on top of the Rich Communication Suite clients.

Rich Communication Suite Cloud brochure.
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Rich Communication Suite Cloud Partners:

  • This is intended for already established VoIP providers wishing to expand their offering in order to compete with the growing OTT market (WhatsApp, Skype). The Rich Communication Suite feature set attracts customers by giving them cutting edge services. It sets your VoIP service apart from the other providers.

  • In this model a Cloud partition is integrated with a partner’s VoIP platform. Integration comprises several integration points on both the backend (provisioning, topup, call routing) and on the client side.

  • The entire range of Rich Communication Suite clients for mobile and desktop are white label applications ready to upload to app stores.

  • Integration covers most of the popular softswitches.

  • We also offer Rich Communication Suite clients with Call-through functionality which is an ideal extension to calling card services.

  • More information on integration can be found in the brochure. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Rich Communication Suite Managed Services:

  • This offer is designed for MVNOs that are looking to outsource all operations connected with running Rich Communication Suite services. We offer full maintenance and management of the Rich Communication Suite partition.

The MVNO receives:
  • a full set of branded softphones

  • branded web self-care Portal for users

  • access to the web OSS/BSS portal.

  • Online Shop connected to the MVNO’s payment system for collecting payments (top ups).

  • Agent Portal

  • Full training

  • 24/7 support

  • Daily reports on system usage

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee

The portal allows:
  • managing accounts

  • setting rates and packages (plans)

  • creating agent accounts

  • generating reports

For more information please contact us.

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