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SIP Softphones

Rich Communication Suite (RCS)

Rich Communication Suite

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RCS enhances consumer VoIP services by adding a whole suite of new features going beyond voice and simple text communication. The emphasis is on a contact oriented approach where a user can not only initiate conversation but can also see his contacts interest, mood, location and willingness to communicate.

VoipSwitch’s RCS is a complete platform consisting of a mobile and desktop clients and the server part with RCS node. In addition there is an RCS Portal offering all RCS features directly from a browser. It supports also WebRTC for audio and video calling.

The RCS backend network elements are responsible for all ONNET (free) communication and special features while paid services are realized by a separate softswitch and billing system.

This separation of RCS node and softswitch allows for integration not only with the VoipSwitch’s class 5 softswitch but also with most of 3rd party softswitches.

The system has been deployed so far with several popular class 5 softswitches as well as calling card platforms.

Rich Communication Suite Client brochure.
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Main Rich Communication Suite features (VoipSwitch implementation)

  • Private user identity with associated multiple public identities: nickname/alias, phone number, social network ID

  • Sharing one account on multiple devices, inbound calls and IM forking

  • SIM phone number provisioning, SMS and callback verification process

  • Sign up with service ID for desktop and tablets, optional on smartphones

  • Enhanced Address Book on device showing RCS users

  • Converged Network Address Book stored on the server and shared on all user devices

  • Presence showing availability and free text (status)

  • Social profile information with avatar and personal details

  • Multimedia files transfer (video, audio notes, pictures)

  • Geolocation sharing

  • Instant messaging (chats)

  • Message inbox (for offline messages)

  • Delivery confirmation

  • Voicemail inbox with voicemail to email delivery

  • Find friends – public directory, search by email, name, id, number etc.

  • PUSH support – calls and messages reach the user even when the app is closed

  • HD audio and video calling, WebRTC compatible

  • Peer to peer calling with fallback to media relay (ICE, TURN)

  • Group Chat

  • Audio multiparty conference

  • Video multiparty conference (desktop version only)

  • Encryption for signalling, chats, audio and video

RCS Multidevice

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