Call termination , also known as voice termination, refers to the routing of calls from one carrier or provider to another.

Calls usually initiated as a VoIP call  are terminated using the public switched telephone network (PSTN). In such cases, termination services may be sold as a separate commodity.

There are different levels of providers which offer VoIP call termination services. For instance, a tier-1 operator registered and having a physical international network in a country; another level is a tier 2 and 3 operator which can offer termination by leasing a portion of the network from a tier 1 operator. In addition to them, there are wholesale call termination providers and resellers of voice over IP telephony which also offer similar termination facilities.

The opposite of call termination is call origination, in which a call initiated from the PSTN is terminated using VoIP. In wholesale they are offered as DID services in which providers can lease phone numbers and SIP trunks.

With the VoipSwitch wholesale solution, carriers can offer call exchange services backed by the robust softswitch with its integrated billing engine. Thanks to its scalability, the platform enables mediation of even the largest VoIP traffic volumes.

VoipSwitch guarantees interconnection between VoIP networks regardless of their call control protocol, equipment vendor or internal architecture.

The solution provides a single, unified point of management for an entire network. This includes remote monitoring of all elements of the domain, as well as provisioning capabilities. Traffic management and accounting is completely centralized.

Solution components

    • Softswitch – Business to Business User Agent responsible for call control functions and providing a full array of authentication and call routing capabilities, support for NAT traversal, ICE, TURN and other call handling technologies.

    • Billing system – fully integrated, provides real-time charging functions, credit control, support for packages/subscriptions and other advanced charging models. Comes with a customer care portal. Works in cluster, heavy volumes architecture (support for SQL cluster)

The solution will fit into following business scenarios:

    • Wholesale traffic exchange, i.e. selling and buying routes from various carriers

    • Selling own route paths, i.e. terminating through own interconnection to PSTN network (VoIP/PSTN or SS7 gateways)

    • Selling SIP trunks

    • Selling DID/virtual phone numbers


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