Hosted Solution

Voipswitch Managed Services

Voipswitch’s Class 5 softswitch platform together with its complimentary components are available either as a rental or purchase model.

Instead of purchasing the software you can rent it on a monthly basis. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offer covers the main platform and all additional modules.

In this model the system can be hosted on either your server or on one of our servers in US or Europe datacenters.

    • Mobile VoIP

    • Rich Communication Services

    • Calling cards (PIN and PIN-less

    • Residential VoIP

    • Unified Communication/PBX/Centrex

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Manage your service easly from VSM module

VoipSwitch Manager (VSM4) – Linux graphical interface for managing the entire platform. The main functionality:
    • managing users accounts divided on types that limit users to particular services (wholesale, retail, callshops and others legacy account types)

    • managing rates sheets, tariffs

    • dialing plan

    • managing resellers accounts

    • protocol settings

    • system services, recurring payments, special tasks

    • advanced reporting, detailed information on the traffic, CDRs, export to various formats, filters (per route, destination, client, date/time, duration, cost etc.)

    • statistics – ASR, ACD, PDD and other parameters

    • balance reports

    • payments management

    • invoicing

    • PIN generator

    • multi-level access for main administrator and accounting or system engineers

The main characteristics of the management system:
    • Two Graphical User Interfaces with multi-level access:

        • Linux application

        • Web management system

    • Simple configuration for SIP trunks

    • Management Interface works on central database of the whole system. There is no need to manage each application server separately.

    • System is prepared to send SNMP traps to monitor external systems about platform issues and performance.

    • Management system has full access to Call Detail Records (CDRs)

    • Real-time monitoring, live calls information, statistics at a glance ( number of connections, connected calls, registered users, ASR/ACD/ PDD and others)

    • Registered users details, gatekeepers/sip registrars status, system logs

    • Debug functionality for selected connections

VoipSwitch Class5 SIP Server support following voice supplementary services:
    • Call forwarding

    • Call waiting

    • Call hold/unhold

    • 3-way conferenc

    • multi-party conferencing initiated from the SIP endpoint (like SIP softphone, IP Phone etc)

    • Call transfer

    • Calling Line Identification presentation/restriction (CLI)

    • Barring of outgoing calls or incoming calls

    • Short Messages (SMS) support

    • Speed dial

    • Voicemail

Supported media:

    • Voice codecs: G711u, G711a, G723.1, G729a/b, GSM, iLBC_30, G726-32, G722/8k, AMR, AMR-WB, Speex/8k , Speex/16k, Silk/8k, Silk/16k, Silk/24k and Opus

    • Video codecs: h263 (1996), h263+ (1998), h264 and VP8

    • FAX codec: T.38

    • Transcoding between voice codecs

    • Media settings are configured per each endpoint (originating and terminating calls).

    • RTP inactivity time-out is configured as a global parameter on the whole


Authorization and accounting (billing) part is fully integrated with the softswitch engine into one application what makes the system exceptionally efficient as it utilizes internal billing procedures without having to connect to external systems (like Radius based billing engines). Moreover, this approach results in uniform interface that extend the platform functionality by joining accounts billing details with routing and switching settings in comprehensive manner.

The main characteristics of the billing system:

    • pre-paid and post-paid accounts (configured for each account separately)

    • real-time billing, prevent generating negative balance on user account even in case of multiple channels being used at a time from single user account

    • managing users accounts, blocking, setting limits

    • automatic accounts (PINs) generator

    • managing whole lots of created accounts (useful for bulk account management)

    • creating and managing rates sheets, attributing a rates sheet to an individual account

    • advanced rating system, defining special rating properties per destination or globally per sheet

    • time span in rating (ability to define peak and off-peak rates) for the whole rate table or individual entries in the rate table

    • payments reports

    • alerting procedures on low account balance, alerts sent to customers via email

    • billing for terminators (costs control)

    • profit reports

    • recurring payments (monthly, daily or others, for example monthly payment for DID number) associated with particular account

    • invoicing: comprehensive invoices generator, invoices available to customers through the web interface or sent by email (in PDF format)

    • detailed calls history reports, available for customers from the web interface (excel or txt format), , also can be sent along with invoice in pdf format

    • detailed calls history reports for vendors

    • export/export accounts from/to excel or txt file

    • import/export rates sheets from/to excel or txt file

    • all accounts and billing information stored in SQL database

    • billing cycle starts at the day of Customer signup or activation

Topup with Onlineshop module

The Onlineshop is a module whose role is to handle electronic transactions. It allows for payments by credit cards, Paypal and various e-wallet solutions. As of today there is more than 50 different payment gateways supported by the onlineshop.

The module is a web application running on nginx (Linux). It is fully integrated with VUP and mobile RCS clients.

The types of supported transactions include:

    • Credit cards payments
    • Electronic wallets
    • In app mobile payments (Apple, Google)
    • International Mobile Top UP (IMTU)
    • User to user balance transfer

Transactions can be initiated by a client or by the platform. The latter divides into:

    • Subscriptions –  periodic payments, e.g. for a plan or DID
    • Autorecharge – automatic payment triggered by the low account balance

Managed Services

Why managed?

Minimized capital expenditure, no investment in hardware and network infrastructure. No ongoing costs of engineering staff, and no cost of upgrading the network and software elements. A reliable and experienced technology partner ensuring you get the latest innovations in the VoIP service market ahead of your competitors. Quick time to market, roll out even complex services in weeks with help of our solution architects. Reseller programs are not sufficient for you as they limit you to one carrier. With managed services you can select your own carriers and thus maximize your margins.

Complete setup

Choose a suitable location for your platform in the US or Europe. Voipswitch provides you with collocation, remote hands support, IP bandwidth and all other elements required for high availability operations.

Branded and Custom mobile and desktop softphones

Full range of mobile dialers,  fully custom made applications uploaded to the provider’s appstore accounts.


Start with a limited capacity and grow incrementally as demand increases. Your monthly costs can be managed and grow as your business grows. As you add more features all you need is to add another component to your package. The modular software enables service providers to integrate the components they require as necessary.

Training and expertise

Voipswitch assists you with its expertise and years of experience in the VoIP industry to take full advantage of the cutting edge platform it offers. We provide full one to one training and video learning sessions. Our expert technical team will assist you during the deployment phase and afterwards to help you build feature sets tailored to your customer base. With the aid of our solution architect you will have a clear plan for service rollout and interconnecting with your existing network elements.

Hosted dedicated system

Rental option. Instead of owning the software you can rent it, thus reducing the initial investment. The offer covers the main platform and additional modules. The mobile are available as as a whitelabel version. In this model the system can be hosted on either your server or one of our servers in US or European data centers. Even if hosted by us, you still have full direct access to the entire system with our dedicated servers.

Hardware requirements

Minimum hardware requirements for 150 CC

1x Linux Application/DB server:
CPU: 4 Core Processors
NIC: 1Gps with public and private IP
SSD: 512GB
OS: Ubuntu Server 20.04 ENGLISH VERSION

Hardware requirements for 1000 CC

1x Linux application servers:
CPU: 8 Core Processor
NIC: 1Gps with public and private IP
OS: Ubuntu Server 20.04 ENGLISH VERSION

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