Main modules

VoipSwitch Manager (VSM4)

login screen

The main functionality:

    • managing users accounts divided on types that limit users to particular services (wholesale, retail, callshops and others legacy account types)

    • managing rates sheets, tariffs

    • dialing plan

    • managing resellers accounts

    • protocol settings

    • system services, recurring payments, special tasks

    • advanced reporting, detailed information on the traffic, CDRs, export to various formats, filters (per route, destination, client, date/time, duration, cost etc.)

    • statistics – ASR, ACD, PDD and other parameters

    • balance reports

    • payments management

    • invoicing

    • PIN generator

    • multi-level access for main administrator and accounting or system engineers

Monitor your server usage from a web browser


Manage your customers accounts


Add and Manage Plans for your customers


Manage your routing plan

routing plan

Add and Manage sms providers for offnet messages

sms providers

Manage your sms routing

sms routing

Manage DIDs


Manage your DID routing


Add , invite and manage your Resellers and Agents


Manage your call CDRs, check your revenue

call costs reveniu history

You can check this all in the VSM4 and all the other options.

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