Rich Communication Suite

RCS backend API

The API is an optimized, high performance web service based system connected to an SQL cluster database capable of handling millions of subscribers. The system is fully redundant and scalable (support for cluster architecture).

The main tasks processed by the RCS API include:

    • Accounts provisioning with SMS, callback or email verification

    • Enhanced Address Books – users discovery in phone’s contacts

    • PUSH notifications for newly joined RCS users

    • User profile information

    • File transfers

    • Public directory search (Find Friends)

    • History cache with support for shared accounts (i.e. one user has multiple devices; the cache allows for syncing his history on all devices)

    • Add-ons such as Stickers, Group Chat etc.

RCS softswitch

Rich Communication Suite softswitch is responsible for user to user communication – ONNET, as well as paid calls and SMS – OFFNET.

The major features include:

    • Support for audio HD codecs e.g. OPUS and VP8 for video

    • Encryption for both audio and video (SRTP)

    • Secure SIP

    • ICE technology for Peer to Peer calling and NAT traversal (STUN, TURN are part of the system)

    • PUSH support for incoming calls, messages and voicemail – notification mechanism for Google, Apple. Wakes up the app when closed.

    • Voice mail, Voicemail to email delivery

    • Deferred messages – when a user logs in the softphone will automatically download the messages stored on the server


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    Android RCS dialer
    iOS RCS dialer
    Android RCS dialer
    iOS RCS dialer