Rich Communication Suite


RCS web self-care portal

Our HTML5 based self-care customer portal combines the Rich Communication Suite features with user account management functions. The calling features are realized using WebRTC media engine which guarantees encrypted communication and an unrivaled voice and video quality experience directly from a browser.

Our Web Portal is fully brandable, learn more about WebRTC based User Portal

The click-to-Call feature enables communication directly from web browsers simply by clicking a link. You can generate a link in VUC portal and place it on your website, associate it with a “call me” button or use in your email signature.

Website visitors or email recipients do not have to sign in or download any additional software as the entire app is based on technology supported by browsers. You can receive a call to chat on your web browser, smartphone UC app or an IP Phone. You can define exceptions using Time Spans and define when the inbound calls should be diverted to some other destination, like an IVR auto-attendant or voicemail.

Click-to-Call offers you:

  • High Definition, crystal clear audio quality
  • Video calls
  • Chat
  • Unlimited click-to-Call links per company account.
  • Support for PBX hunt groups
  • Support for answering rules
  • Display name identifying from which link a call has been initiated
  • Personalized Avatar


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    Android RCS dialer
    iOS RCS dialer
    Android RCS dialer
    iOS RCS dialer