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The VoipSwitch SMS Platform is an enterprise-grade service designed to handle carrier-grade SMS traffic for businesses of all sizes. With the VoipSwitch SMS Gateway, companies can effortlessly execute their SMS campaigns. Supporting A2P, P2A, and P2P SMS, the VoipSwitch SMS Platform becomes a powerful SMS platform for wholesale carriers, SMS aggregators, MNOs, and MVNOs.

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The VoipSwitch SMS Gateway solution is responsible for translating the message sent and making it compatible for delivery over the network to reach the recipient. The robust A2P messaging platform supports all types of messages, including Promotional, Bulk SMS, Transactional, and Response-Driven SMS. This makes it an ideal solution for both retail and wholesale SMS businesses.

If you’re already in the bulk SMS business or planning to start your SMS business, the VoipSwitch licensed or hosted SMS platform is the perfect solution for you. Our gateway solution is highly reliable, scalable, and secure, providing you with the best-in-class service for your SMS needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, the VoipSwitch SMS Platform is the ideal solution for all your SMS needs.

VoipSwitch is a powerful platform that provides a range of SMS options to customers based on their preferred termination. With VoipSwitch SMS, you can enjoy a complete billing option per SMS rate set by the VoipSwitch administrator in the configuration panel.

As the VoipSwitch administrator, you have the flexibility to set up an SMS routing plan that is similar to a call routing plan, assigning different prefixes to different SMS providers. This means that you can choose the SMS provider that best suits your needs, giving you greater control over your SMS traffic.

VoipSwitch supports HTTP/HTTPS and SMPP SMS termination providers, allowing customers to use call services and SMS services simultaneously. This means that you can enjoy seamless integration between your voice and messaging services, streamlining your communication processes and increasing efficiency.

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