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The VoipSwitch User Portal (VUP) is a self-care customer portal for VoIP service providers. Its functionalities combine the RCS features with account management and billing facilities. The design is contacts oriented with quick access to Contacts stored on the server in the Network Address Book and shared across all RCS devices (native clients for smartphones,
tablets and desktops). The RCS contacts are presented with their presence status and social profile details.
The history is shared across all clients and is archived on the server. Wherever a user logs in from he will get the latest communication details. Quick access to handy widgets responsible for various functionalities is provided through the dashboard. A user can set Find me, browse voicemail, send fax, initiate Chat etc.


Video call

High quality audio and video calling

The portal allows users to make both ONNET (calls to other RCS clients) and OFFNET (to non RCS numbers) calls.

ONNET calls can be initiated directly from Contacts after selecting an RCS user or from a keypad component which is one of the dashboard widgets. When dialing a number from the keypad it checks with the RCS API if the number is an RCS user; if so, it will try to connect ONNET.

The audio calls use the OPUS codec which  proved to be a brilliant choice for VoIP and is now being widely adopted by the main service providers. VoipSwitch native clients, voicemail server and the transcoding module are also fully compliant with OPUS. In short, the codec combines what is best from SILK with audio preprocessors and dynamic adaptive technologies resulting in perfect voice quality and very efficient resiliency against bandwidth congestions. Video calls use the h264 codec which, thanks to Google initiatives, is becoming a standard in video services.


Send attachments

Instant messaging (Chats)

This functionality utilizes the SIP SIMPLE framework for instant messaging. The translation to SIP takes place on the WebToSIP server. Messages history is shown in much the same way as is common now on mobile devices, i.e. divided in threads per addressee. Clicking on a particular thread opens a conversation window showing messages from and to the user (chat). Chat can be started from the Contacts menu by clicking on the chat icon of a chosen RCS user. It can also be opened from the Chats widget on the Dashboard. The portal also supports sending OFFNET messages which are routed though the SIP softswitch to an SMS carrier and delivered to mobile devices.

Buy a DID number

Get plan


Topu Up

Recent call/chats


Main Features:

    • Dashboard with the most used services (chat, fax)

    • User’s personal (social) profile

    • Account billing details, recharge, subscriptions (packages) management

    • History records for calls, messages, faxes, invoices, payments etc

    • Visual voicemail

    • Find me, Do not disturb

    • CallerID

    • Balance transfer

    • Send Fax

    • Dialpad

    • Greetings

    • International Mobile Topup

    • Virtual numbers (DIDs) management

    • Network Address Book

    • Web Phone with audio and video based on the latest WebRTC technology

    • Presence and buddy list

    • Instant messaging

Click-to-Call offers you:

    • High Definition, crystal clear audio quality

    • Video calls

    • Chat

    • Unlimited click-to-Call links per company account.

    • Support for PBX hunt groups

    • Support for answering rules

    • Display name identifying from which link a call has been initiated

    • Personalized Avatar


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