Billing System

Convergent charging and billing is an integral part of the Voipswitch class 5 platform. It enables common management of all users and all deployed services. In addition, the system includes convergence of payment methods like prepaid and postpaid, as well as access methods and services like Calling Cards, mobile VoIP, residential and enterprise telephony and VOD/IPTV.

The main characteristics attributed to a convergent charging & billing system are support for multiple service types such as voice, video, SMS, DIDs and content, support for bundling of services and the ability to create a single bill and call details record.

The charging system has the ability to control services and manage balances in real-time. This includes, for example, authenticating the subscriber and checking the account balance before service delivery to the end user. The system can also notify users when the account balance threshold set by the operator is reached, or terminate service connectivity when real-time charging indicates that credit has been depleted. This real-time capability can be used to deliver promotions and notifications to service users to stimulate usage.

Main Features

  • Customer-interface Management: uniform graphical desktop and web application for accounts management and all related operations.

  • Order Management: processes product & service orders, manages the order-entry life cycle, and oversees the order-completion life cycle.

  • Rate Plans and Rating: manages a variety of different rate plans associated with services, provides flexible ways to rate customer generated usage.

  • Discounting: gives various types of discounts on different services

  • Invoicing: performs billing inquiry, generates bills, processes deposits, performs account administration, maintains tax and fee information, and processes financial information.

  • Credit Control & Collection: controls usage and revenue by assigning different credit classes to different customers. Supports payment collection and applying them to invoices.

  • Multilingual Support: Multilingual support involves providing invoices and customer care services in multiple languages.

  • Multiple Currencies: Multiple currencies used in different countries can complicate the billing system as the billing and customer care system must be capable of recording and processing in units of multiple currencies.

  • Performance Reporting: provides performance reporting, ensures quality-of-service (QoS) reporting, creates management reports, and generates regulatory reports.

  • DIDs provisioning: provisions customers with DID numbers, controls lifecycle and billing for DIDs. Works with several DID provider APIs (Voxbone, DIDx, DIDWW, Voipinnovations and more).

  • Payment systems integration including credit card providers, paypal, inapp systems

  • Mobile Top up support, can connect to multiple topup providers (TransferTo, IDT)


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