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The VoipSwitch User Portal (VUP) is an Html5 based lightweight customer self-care web interface. It works on PC, tablets and smartphones.Its purpose is to provide a service center where customers can manage their account settings, review billing information and add new services. VUP also allows for direct use of communication services such as Instant Messaging and voice/video calling. VUP is fully brandable in terms of features set and its layout. The technology behind it isolates the programming part from the graphical user interfaces. This approach gives flexibility in building various layouts by developers with experience in html5 web designing. VUP is available in several example themes. VUP can be deployed in a model where each domain can have its own portal with its own feature set and look. For example, a different website for Pinless services and for RCS or mobile voip.

VoipSwitch User Portal for Rich
Communiation Suite

Main Features:

  • Dashboard with the most used services (chat, fax)
  • User’s personal (social) profile
  • Account billing details, recharge, subscriptions (packages) management
  • History records for calls, messages, faxes, invoices, payments etc
  • Visual voicemail
  • Find me, Do not disturb
  • CallerID
  • Virtual numbers (DIDs) management
  • Network Address Book
  • Web Phone with audio and video based on the latest WebRTC technology
  • Presence and buddy list
  • Instant messaging
  • Click-to-Call


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